About Us

Founded in 2002, Driving Solutions has an impressive pedigree, providing event and drive team services to clients such as Ford Motor Company, Kia Motors and Subaru Australia. Our professional team is dedicated to excellence, delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations

We are also passionate about improving the standard of driving and safety on our roads. Our experience working with major manufacturers on vehicle launches and dealer training has given our team of professional instructors an unparalleled insight into new vehicle technology. This experience coupled with our exclusive partnership with the Australian Racing Drivers Club at Sydney Motorsport Park means that we can really make a difference. Our new Driver Training Centre, based at Sydney Motorsport Park provides driver training for everyone, from learners through to professional racing drivers.

“Driving Solutions has been our trusted event and drive team partner for over 10 years and boasts a team of professional, innovative and dedicated staff. With driver training and event management at the highest level, supported by imaginative concept ideas and flawless execution, the Driving Solutions team ensures everything they do is enjoyable and informative to attendees”