A CAMS Observed Licence Test (OLT) is a test of practical skill, where CAMS licence approved instructors observe you under modified race conditions. Successful completion of the OLT is a critical component of receiving your racing licence. It gives you the opportunity to show you have a basic understanding and knowledge of manoeuvring a vehicle at high speeds to ensure the safety of both yourself and others, including drivers, officials and spectators.

Driving Solutions is a CAMS accredited OLT provider and offers the opportunity to complete your OLT during a trackday in either the Experienced or Race Car Sessions. If you wish to complete your OLT, please book into the Trackday session of your choice, either Experienced or Race Car, depending on your vehicle, and select OLT as an optional extra when booking.

Vehicles used for the OLT do not have to be race cars but must be free of defects, and must have a passenger seat fitted. Please contact us to discuss your vehicle if you are unsure of its suitability.

Please bring your CAMS issued Pre-Licence Authority and Assessment Criteria Form when attending your OLT, an OLT cannot be completed without this form.