Ford Driving Skills for Life is a free program that teaches newly licensed, teen and learner drivers skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver education programs. The program offers hands-on driver training clinics, pairing learner and newly licensed drivers with professional instructors. Participants focus on some of the main the issues and obstacles young drivers face that cause crashes, including hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, space management and distracted and impaired driving.

Ford Driving Skills for Life has provided free, advanced driver education to more than one million people worldwide since its founding in 2003, and is a signature program of the Ford Motor Company Fund.

Driving Skills for Life is delivered by Driving Solutions. It is tailored to new and young drivers and will be touring metro and regional areas in NSW, QLD and VIC in 2023. This year’s program focuses on the risks of driving at night on Australian roads.

Techniques covered:

- Emergency braking
- Steering and vision
- Cornering
- Parking
- Load demonstrations
- A ‘fatigue suit’ designed to demonstrate the dangers of driving when sleep deprived

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